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Alternative Dispute Resolution Conferences (ADR)

If you or your business is in need of mediation or legal arbitration services, contact Barry Davis today. Mr. Davis can provide timely, professional legal expertise to resolve a variety of personal and business matters. 

Mediation Specifics:

Fee: $300.00 per hour split equally among parties with a 3-hour minimum and a 6-hour maximum.

Complimentary lunch for day long meetings.

No administrative fees or set-up fees.

Travel time outside of OKC metro area (over 25 miles) billed at $100.00 per hour split equally among parties.

Note: For personal health and safety or convenience, Virtual Mediations are available (ZOOM Platform)


Arbitration Specifics:

Single Arbitrator

Fee: $300.00 per hour split equally among parties.

Three-Panel Arbitration

Fee: $300.00 per hour billed to party selecting my services or split equally among parties if my services are selected by other Arbitrators.

Note: For personal health and saftey or convenience,

Virtual Arbitrations are available.

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